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Naked 007 Legends ... Eva Green, Denise Richards & Halle Berry

We kick off our Bond Girls Nude special tribute with three classic celeb beauties. Busty Eva Green played MI6 agent Vesper Lynd in the 2006 remake of Casino Royale. Assigned to make sure Bond doesn't blow Her Majesty's Treasury's money in a card game with villain Le Chiffre, she saves his life more than once before paying with her own. Eva Green has gone on to become one of Hollywood's biggest stars and not flinched in bearing her awesome figure for her art, including some very explicit scenes in the arthouse movie The Dreamers.

Curvy Denise Richards played Dr. Christmas Jones in the 1999 Bond movie, The World Is Not Enough. Her character is a sexy nuclear physicist who Bond helps escape from an explosion. She then helps Bond foil baddie Elektra King's evil nuclear plotting. Bond and Jones end the movie spending Christmas together in Turkey. Denise Richards was at the peak of her fame when she became a Bond girl and regularly found herself voted a place in world's hottest celebrity lists.

Halle Berry's Bond Girl character Jinx got to mark a couple of 007 anniversaries with a cinematic tribute to the first ever movie in the series. She appears in 2002's Die Another Day rising out of the ocean, sexily clad in bikini like Ursula Andress's character in the original Dr. No movie to mark both the 20th film and 40 year anniversary of the franchise. Halle's appearance as an NSA employed assassin came hot on the heels of her wildest movie sex scenes to date in Monster's Ball.

Euro Stars ... Ursula Andress, Monica Bellucci & Olga Kurylenko

Swiss-born Ursula Andress will forever go down in history as the original Bond Girl. She played Honey Ryder in Dr. No, the first official Bond movie, which was released in 1962. Her English was so poor that her voice was dubbed in the film. But it wasn't what she sounded like that captivated audiences. When she emerged in dripping wet bikini on to a Caribbean beach, a new sex symbol was born. Ursula went on to treat us fans to many nude scenes in numerous lower budget and European-made movies.

Italian movie goddess Monica Bellucci played Lucia Sciarra, the enigmatic widow of hitman Marco Sciarra, who Bond assassinates at the start of the 2015 movie Spectre. Bond meets Lucia at her husband's funeral and follows her back to her villa, where he saves her from a couple of assassins. She eventually gives in to Daniel Craig's charms and tells him where and when the organisation her husband worked for will decide a replacement. One of the sexiest MILFs in movies, Monica has treated us to many great nude scenes.

Ukraine born star Olga Kurylenko was cast as the French agent, Camille Montes, working for the Bolivian government in the 2008 instalment Quantum Of Solace. Seeking revenge for the murder of her family by baddie General Medrano, she sleeps with his business partner Dominic Greene to get to him. Nearly killed when her plan fails, she teams up with Bond to take out both Medrano and Greene. Olga's Hollywood star has been rapidly on the up and up ever since. It's not the only thing on the up after watching her frequent nude appearances!

Bond Girls ... Sophie Marceau, Barbara Carrera & Lea Seydoux

French movie star Sophie Marceau played the good girl turned bad opposite Pierce Brosnan's Bond in the 1999 outing of The World Is Not Enough. Her character Elektra King is the daughter of a rich oil baron, who M persuades not to pay a ransom when she is kidnapped by baddie, Renard. Elektra retaliates by killing her father and plotting to nuke Istanbul, so that she'll have a monopoly on oil distribution. Aside from being one of France's best actresses, Gallic goddess Ms. Marceau has never been afraid to bare all for her art.

Nicaragua-born beauty Barbara Carrera played Fatima Blush in the Sean Connery unofficial return to Bond in 1983's Never Say Never Again. The character was originally in the script for Thunderball. She is an assassin hired by baddie Maximillian Largo to kill Bond. She forces 007 to write in his memoirs that she is his best ever sexual partner. Bond eventualy kills with a rocket dart. All that's left of her is a pair of high heels. Enjoy this naked Playboy shoot of sexy latina bombshell Barbara!

French actress Lea Seydoux stars as Dr. Madeleine Swann, a psychologist working at the Hoffler clinic in the Austrian Alps, in 2015 blockbuster Spectre. Her father Mr. White betrayed Spectre. She shot a killer was sent to assassinate her father when she was young. Madeleine helps Bond battle Mr. Hinx and legendary baddie Blofeld. She is something of an unconvential Bond Girl, educated at Oxford and the Sorbonne. Curvy Lea Seydoux has a relaxed European attitude to nudity and has bared all in numerous movies.

007 Babes ... Gemma Arterton, Grace Jones & Kim Basinger

English actress Gemma Arterton starred as Strawberry Fields, an MI6 office worker based at the British consulate in Bolivia in 2008's Quantum Of Solace. Tasked with making sure Bond flew home, she failed and ultimately ended up in his bed. She helps Bond escape from baddie Dominic Greene's fund-raiser and pays for it with her life. With deliberate echoes to Tilly Masterson's death in Goldfinger, Greene has her left dead on Bond's bed covered in oil from head to toe. Sexy Gemma has done some great nude scenes in films like The Disappearance of Alice Creed.

Androgynous singer turned actress Grace Jones took the role of May Day in the 1985 Bond movie A View To A Kill. She's probably the toughest of any female Bond villain. May Day is the American bodyguard and lover of rich industrialist and former KGB spy, Max Zorin. Jones is perfectly cast as the tall ebony Amazon with amazing strength. There are hints she's the result of selective breeding experiements of Nazi of Nazi eugenicist, Dr. Hans Glaub. Grace Jones has long revelled in strength as part of her sexuality and not been afraid to bare all.

In Sean Connery's 1983 return to playing 007 in Never Say Never Again, then newcomer Kim Basinger reincarnates a Bond Girl who first appeared in Thunderball, thrusting herself on the road to super stardom in the process. Bond steals her character Domino Vitali from villain Largo, who retaliates by having her auctioned as a slave to some unsavoury Arabs. Bond rescues her and she eventually gets to kill Largo with a harpoon. Connery's Bond ends up wanting to retire and settle down with Domino happily ever after. Having watched Kim Basinger in some amazing nude scenes, who could blame him?

Bond Beauties ... Rosamund Pike, Caterina Murino & Barbara Bach

Sexy British star Rosamund Pike played icy double agent Miranda Frost in 2002's Die Another Day opposite Pierce Brosnan. She is assigned by MI6 to investigate baddie Gustav Graves. She works as Graves publicist and fencing partner, who pays her back by killing her main competitor for the Olympics, allowing Miranda to win Olympic gold. Her Bond movie role really raised Rosamund's profile, helping her win the lead and an Oscar nomination in Gone Girl. Rosamund has got more and more daring with nudity in recent years, thanks to movies like A Private War.

Cuban beauty Ana de Armas starred as Paloma in 2021's No Time To Die. She pops up to help Daniel Craig in his last ever outing as Bond. Paloma helps 007 escape a trap to kill him during a party at El Nido Bar. In a flurry of martial arts kicks and a hail of bullets, she takes out several of the bad guys before leading Bond to a getaway. Paloma does it all after claiming she had had only three weeks training. Some have wondered if she will be a recurring character in future Bond movies.

Sexy model turned actress Barbara Bach starred as icy KGB agent Anya Amasova in 1977 Bond classic, The Spy Who Loved Me. Codenamed 'Triple X', Anya has the identical mission as Bond, to obtain stolen microfilms for a submarine tracking system. Anya and Bond flirt around between cooperation and competition until a meeting with their bosses in Egypt gives them the nod to work together. Of course, it's not the only thing they do together! Barbara Bach went on to best-known for marrying Beatles drummer, Ringo Starr. Luckily, she left some great nude scenes to remember her acting days by.